Trifo Launches Ironpie, Next Generation of AI Home Robots at CES


SANTA CLARA, Calif – January 7, 2019 – Trifo, an artificial intelligence (AI) home robot company, announced today the launch of its first home robot, a smart vacuum that outperforms competitive models and is available at a lower price point. In late 2018, Trifo received $11 million in new funding. Trifo will exhibit at ShowStoppers@CES and at CES 2019.


To meet Ironpie and get a demo:

-          ShowStoppers@CES 2019, January 8, 6:00 - 10:00 p.m., Lafite Ballroom, Wynn Hotel, Table G11 and G12

-          CES 2019, January 8-11, Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 2, Booth 41155


“Ironpie represents a new generation of home robots, a smart robot vacuum that cleans faster, protects furniture better, is controllable from anywhere and with a host of features that improve on the original home vacuum concept,” said Zhe Zhang, Trifo’s CEO. “We will continuously introduce enhanced intelligence and new features, such as Alexa and Google Home integration in the first half of 2019, to make Ironpie the essential smart home robot.”


According to Markets and Markets, the cleaning robot market is expected to grow from $2.09 billion in 2018 to $4.34 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 16.21; primarily driven by penetration of automation in household appliances, rises in labor cost, and increasing safety concern.


Key AI-enabled capabilities of Ironpie include:


-          Cleans Faster - Ironpie cleans at least 10 percent more efficiently, with a zig zag cleaning route, than competing robot vacuums.  It identifies areas that have not been cleaned, repositions itself and cleans with no redundancy - based on its advanced multi-sensor fusion system.

-          Protects Furniture - Ironpie offers one of the best obstacle sensing capabilities available in a smart home robot - it uses a multi-sensory system including IRs or sonars, which also makes it more effective and robust in various environments (i.e., bright and low-lit environments).

-          Monitors Homes Remotely - Ironpie includes a suite of secure and convenient surveillance utilities - with the Ironpie app, check out what's happening at home without multiple static cameras.

-          Costs Less - Ironpie is approximately $200 less expensive with more advanced or comparable features than top-end robotic vacuums, such as position tracking, mapping, scheduling, and more.


Differentiating technical features of Ironpie include:


-          Small Brain, Big Brainpower - Features the world's smallest, lowest power and most efficient Armv8-A quad-core processor, paired with the proprietary Trifo Intelligent Robotics Vision System (TIRVS).

-          Accurate, Real-time Position Tracking - Equipped with a suite of sensors specially designed and calibrated for estimating position and orientation, Ironpie always "knows" where it is and has been.

-          Deep Environmental Learning - AI-enabled self-tracking allows Ironpie to "learn" your home and improve its efficiency by building and updating a reliable 3D home map – all done locally on the robot.

-          Smart Visual Navigation - Patented simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system optimizes navigation and saves time.


The Ironpie smart vacuum is $299. For more information download the media kit and visit:

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